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Are There Any WordPress Plugins That I Could use with Share-a-sale and Other Affiliate Networks?

To work with ShareASale Datafeed files in WordPress, you can utilize plugins that facilitate the integration of these data feeds into your website. Two notable plugins that can assist with this task are the “ShareASale WooCommerce Tracker” and the “Datafeedr WooCommerce Importer”.

ShareASale WooCommerce Tracker

The ShareASale WooCommerce Tracker plugin is designed specifically for WooCommerce users. It offers features such as:

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  • Product Datafeed Generation: Helps merchants create product datafeed files, which affiliates can use to promote individual products.
  • Advanced Analytics: Allows ShareASale to track various pre-conversion cart events, enhancing affiliate attribution strategies.
  • Automatic Coupon Uploads: Enables automatic uploading of WooCommerce coupons to ShareASale as a coupon/deal type creative.
  • FTP Upload: Automatically schedules daily FTP uploads of new product datafeed files, simplifying the process for affiliates.

This plugin is particularly useful if you’re running a WooCommerce store and want to integrate ShareASale datafeeds seamlessly.

Datafeedr WooCommerce Importer

The Datafeedr WooCommerce Importer plugin supports importing products from various affiliate networks, including ShareASale. Key features include:

Supercharged Hosting
  • Automatic Removal of Old Products: Removes products from your store if they are no longer available in the merchant’s inventory.
  • Background Updates: Performs product updates in the background, improving efficiency.
  • Customizable Product Information: Allows customization of product names, descriptions, and other details.
  • SEO-Friendly: Works well with popular SEO plugins, ensuring your product pages are optimized for search engines.

This plugin is ideal if you’re looking for a comprehensive solution to manage and display affiliate products from multiple networks, including ShareASale, within your WooCommerce store.

Both plugins offer robust functionalities to handle ShareASale datafeeds effectively. Depending on your specific needs—whether you’re focusing solely on ShareASale or managing multiple affiliate networks—you can choose the plugin that best fits your requirements.

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Neither the ShareASale WooCommerce Tracker nor the Datafeedr WooCommerce Importer can be used directly with non-WooCommerce websites. Both plugins are specifically designed to work within a WooCommerce environment due to their reliance on WooCommerce’s structure and functionalities for processing and displaying products, handling orders, and integrating with ShareASale’s services.

If you’re operating a WordPress site without WooCommerce and wish to utilize ShareASale datafeeds, you’ll need to explore alternative solutions that don’t depend on WooCommerce. This could involve:

  • Custom Development: Engaging a developer to create a custom integration that parses ShareASale datafeeds and displays products on your site according to your theme’s design and structure.
  • Alternative Affiliate Marketing Plugins: Searching for WordPress plugins that support affiliate marketing and can handle datafeeds from various networks, including ShareASale, without requiring WooCommerce.
  • Manual Integration: Manually adding product information and affiliate links to your site, though this method is less efficient and not practical for a large number of products.

These alternatives allow for flexibility in how you integrate ShareASale datafeeds into your WordPress site, catering to different technical setups and requirements outside of the WooCommerce ecosystem.

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What If My Site Doesn’t Have WooCommerce Installed?

Here are some examples of alternative affiliate marketing plugins that do not rely on WooCommerce and can be used with any WordPress site:

  1. AffiliateWP: A versatile affiliate marketing plugin that allows you to create and manage an affiliate program on your WordPress site. It integrates with various platforms and offers features like real-time reporting, automated affiliate registration, and direct payment to affiliates via PayPal.
  2. SliceWP: Designed for simplicity and ease of use, SliceWP enables you to run an affiliate program directly from your WordPress dashboard. It supports unlimited affiliates and offers features like customizable affiliate registration forms and automated commission calculations.
  3. WP Affiliate Manager: This plugin helps you manage your affiliate program efficiently by providing tools for recruitment, management, and tracking of affiliate marketers. It includes features like affiliate dashboards, commission tracking, and payout management.
  4. Ultimate Affiliate Pro: Offers advanced features for managing an affiliate program, including tiered commissions, lifetime commissions, and a built-in affiliate marketplace. It also supports integrations with popular payment gateways and email marketing services.
  5. Post Affiliate Pro: A comprehensive affiliate software that works with WordPress and other CMS platforms. It provides extensive tracking options, customizable affiliate portals, and supports various promotional materials.
  6. Solid Affiliate: Focuses on simplicity and effectiveness, allowing you to easily set up and manage an affiliate program. Features include customizable affiliate links, real-time tracking, and automated commission payouts.
  7. ThirstyAffiliates: Primarily a link cloaking plugin, ThirstyAffiliates also offers features for organizing and categorizing affiliate links, inserting affiliate links into posts, and tracking clicks on those links.
  8. Easy Affiliate Links: Simplifies the process of adding affiliate links to your content. It allows you to create short, clean links that redirect to your affiliate URLs, making it easier to manage and insert affiliate links across your site.
  9. EasyAzon: Specifically designed for Amazon affiliates, EasyAzon makes it simple to create Amazon affiliate links directly from your WordPress editor. It supports various types of Amazon links, including product links, image links, and call-to-action buttons.

Each of these plugins has its unique features and benefits, catering to different needs and preferences. Depending on your specific requirements, such as the complexity of your affiliate program, the size of your affiliate network, and your budget, you can choose the plugin that best suits your WordPress site.

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Here’s more detailed information on three plugins tailored to meet the needs of publishers and other affiliates: ThirstyAffiliates, Solid Affiliate, and Easy Affiliate Links.


  • Overview: ThirstyAffiliates is a highly-rated WordPress plugin designed to simplify the management of affiliate links. It’s particularly beneficial for affiliate marketers who deal with numerous links from various merchants.
  • Features:
  • Automatic Linking: Automatically connects affiliate links to specific keywords throughout your WordPress site, streamlining the insertion of affiliate links.
  • Geolocation Redirects: Displays different affiliate links based on the visitor’s location, optimizing targeting efforts.
  • Advanced Reports: Provides detailed performance statistics of your links, categorized by time intervals and geolocation, aiding in understanding audience behavior.
  • Google Analytics Integration: Pushes click events to Google Analytics, enabling comprehensive tracking beyond just content areas.
  • Limitation: Does not integrate with popular WordPress eCommerce plugins like WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads.
  • Pricing: Offers a freemium model with paid plans starting at $49/license.

Solid Affiliate

  • Overview: Solid Affiliate focuses on offering a straightforward yet effective solution for setting up and managing an affiliate program. It’s designed to cater to users looking for simplicity and reliability.
  • Features:
  • Customizable Affiliate Links: Allows for the creation of short, clean affiliate links that redirect to your affiliate URLs.
  • Real-Time Tracking: Monitors clicks on affiliate links in real-time, providing immediate feedback on campaign performance.
  • Automated Commission Payouts: Automates the process of calculating and paying out commissions to affiliates, streamlining operations.
  • Support: Known for its responsive and helpful support team, which is crucial for resolving issues and queries promptly.

Easy Affiliate Links

  • Overview: Easy Affiliate Links aims to simplify the process of adding affiliate links to your WordPress content. It’s particularly useful for bloggers and content creators who frequently incorporate affiliate marketing into their posts.
  • Features:
  • Link Management: Facilitates the easy management of affiliate links, making it simpler to organize and insert them into your content.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Offers a straightforward interface that integrates seamlessly with the WordPress editor, enhancing the workflow.
  • Performance Tracking: Tracks clicks on affiliate links, providing insights into which links perform best, allowing for optimization of future campaigns.
  • Pricing: Typically offered as a premium plugin, with pricing varying based on the specific features and support level required.

Each of these plugins offers unique advantages, especially for managing affiliate links and tracking their performance. Your choice among them should be guided by your specific needs, such as the complexity of your affiliate program, the volume of links you manage, and your budget constraints.

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