Stay up to date with the latest developments in website penetration testing with the help of this daily summary. Learn key takeaways such as understanding OWASP Top 10, installing Foxy Proxy, finding and exploiting security vulnerabilities, and using Metasploit for penetration testing. Click to start your journey towards becoming an ethical hacker!

“Unlock the Secrets of Website Penetration Testing: SPT, Hacking Web Apps, and Free Ethical Hacking Courses 🔓

Website penetration testing is the process of assessing the security of a website or web application by finding and exploiting its security vulnerabilities. In this page, we have highlighted the latest videos on website penetration testing to help you stay up to date with the latest developments in this field. Here are the key takeaways from these videos:

* Understanding the OWASP Top 10
* Installing OWASP Juice Shop
* Installing Foxy Proxy
* Exploring Burp Suite
* Intrusion Detection
* Finding and Exploiting Security Vulnerabilities
* Using Metasploit for Penetration Testing
* Using SSH for Hacking

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In a nutshell, this daily website penetration testing summary helps you stay updated on the latest developments, tools and strategies in this field. Scroll down to view the highlighted videos and start your journey towards becoming an ethical hacker!

penetration test

Tue Jul 25 2023 7:01:04 UTC
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Hacking Web Applications (2+ hours of content)

Fri Jul 21 2023 16:00:01 UTC
See NordPass Business in action now with a 3-month free trial here with code cybermentor 0:00 …
Show more See NordPass Business in action now with a 3-month free trial here with code cybermentor

0:00 – Introduction 1:15 – NordPass Sponsorship 2:10 – Course Overview 3:46 – The OWASP Top 10 14:11 – Installing OWASP Juice Shop 21:00 – Installing Foxy Proxy 23:14 – Exploring Burp Suite 34:42 – Introducing the Score Board 37:33 – SQL Injection Overview 42:45 – SQL Injection Walkthrough 52:52 – SQL Injection Defenses 55:41 – Broken Authentication Attacks and Defenses 1:01:25 – Testing for Broken Authentication 1:09:05 – Sensitive Data Exposure Attacks and Defenses 1:13:58 – Testing for Sensitive Data Exposure 1:22:00 – XML External Entities (XXE) Overview 1:31:54 – XXE Attacks and Defenses 1:39:58 – Broken Access Control Overview 1:43:27 – Broken Access Control Walkthrough 1:47:55 – Security Misconfigurations Overview 1:52:54 – Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Overview 2:03:27 – Reflected XSS Walkthrough 2:09:50 – Stored XSS Walkthrough 2:16:07 – Preventing XSS 2:19:55 – Insecure Deserialization 2:24:28 – Using Components with Known Vulnerabilities 2:29:06 – Insufficient Logging and Monitoring 2:32:17 – Conclusion

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Free Courses Website| Penetration Testing | Ethical HAcking Course

Sun Jul 2 2023 2:06:38 UTC
kalilinuxtools #kali #kalilinux #kalilinuxtutorial.
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Hack into any system #metasploit #penetrationtesting #ssh #hacker

Mon Jun 26 2023 11:00:56 UTC
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HTML Injection🕵🏼Website Application Penetration Testing 13.10

Sat Jun 24 2023 11:30:17 UTC
Resources For EachTool We Will Use(Attacks/Exploits Are Not Listed): For Information Gathering: 1) Whatweb …
Show more Resources For EachTool We Will Use(Attacks/Exploits Are Not Listed): For Information Gathering: 1) Whatweb - 2) theHarvester – 3) Red Hawk – 4) Sherlock – 5) Our Own Email Scraper – – Decryption key for Mega link – SVy3plBr4DzTQEeaOgbCxw For Scanning: 6) Netdiscover – 7) Nmap – 8) Zenmap – For Vulnerability Analysis: 9) Nmap Scripts – 10) Google – 11) Searchsploit – 12) Nessus – For Python Coding Project #1 – Portscanner: 13) Our Own Portscanner – For Exploitation & Gaining Access: 14) Msfconsole – 15) Routersploit – For Gaining Access(Viruses,Trojans,Payloads..): 16) Msfvenom – 17) Veil – 18) TheFatRat – 19) Hexeditor – For Python Coding Project #2: 20) Our Own Backdoor – – 21) Our Own Server – – For Website Application Penetration Testing: 22) Dirb – 23) Burpsuite – 24) Hydra – 25) DVWA – For Python Coding Project #3 – Bruteforcer, Directory Discovery: 26) Our Own Bruteforcer – 27) Our Own Directory Discover Program – For Man In The Middle – MITM: 28) Bettercap – 29) Ettercap – 30) Scapy – For Wireless Access Point Cracking: 31) aircrack-ng – 32) airodump-ng – 33) aireplay-ng – 34) Hashcat – References For Certain Lectures: 1) Downloading Virtual Box & Kali Linux Lecture: VBox Download – Kali New Version Download – Old Kali Versions – 2) Linux Operating System Section: Linux filesystem explained – filesystem-explained/ Basic Terminal Commands – beginners#1-overview 3) Gathering Emails Using theHarvester & Hunter Website – 4) Finding Usernames With Sherlock: Sherlock Tool – 5) Bonus – Email Scraper Tool in Python 3: – 6) Installing Vulnerable Virtual Machine: Metasploitable – LS=1631875 7) Coding a Portscanner in Python 3: – 8) Setting Up Vulnerable Windows 10: Rufus – 9) Crashing Windows 10 Machine Remotely: 10) Exploiting Windows 10 Machine Remotely: 11) TheFatRat Payload Creation: 12) Python Coding Project #2 – Backdoor: – – 13) ShellShock Exploitation: Shellshock VM – 14) Bruteforcer in Python: – 15) Hidden Directory Discovery: – 16) Practice Note: HackTheBox – 17) Bug Bounty Note: BugCrowd – #IT_Developer #itdeveloper #sachinkakade #Sachin_kakade

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